What is General Insurance Civil Litigation?

What is General Insurance Civil Litigation?

General insurance civil litigation ranges from negligence cases to premises liability on property and/or other structures to commercial disputes and intentional tort defense.

If you currently reside in Miami, Florida or in its surrounding areas and you are in the market for general insurance civil litigation defense, you might want to consider getting a free consultation with the leading, general insurance litigation expert- Michael A. Puchades ESQ. who has the experience and professionalism to handle an array of general insurance civil litigation cases in Miami, Florida and the surrounding cities.

This attorney of general insurance civil litigation will take you under his wing and take care of your civil dispute as quickly as possible, so that you may proceed with your life. There is no reason why a general insurance civil litigation dispute should hamper the rest of your life.

Michael A. Puchades ESQ. and his team are ready to handle general insurance civil litigation cases that include the following:

  • Negligence
  • Premises Liability on Property
  • Commercial Contractual Disputes

Moreover, Michael A. Puchades has an impressive rapport for defending against claims of unsafe conditions, as well as product liability; construction claim defense and failure to exercise reasonable care defense and other claims of general negligence and the likes…

If you are in any of these types of situations, it is highly advisable that you acquire the assistance of a general insurance civil litigation attorney in Miami, Florida- such as, Michael A. Puchades.

When you obtain the adequate, general insurance civil litigation attorney, you can be sure that your claim will be handled accordingly and that justice will be served!

Michael A. Puchades ESQ., and his team/staff of highly trained and experienced attorneys will make sure that everything goes as should. Your best interests will always be at the top of their list of priorities. Consult with these professionals today and handle your general insurance civil litigation claim with the help of a professional!


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