Get the Most Out of Your Property Insurance Claim

Being in a situation where your belongings or home are damaged by theft, storm, or disaster is devastating. You just want to put the pieces back where they belong and move on. Part of that process is focusing on the renter’s or homeowner’s insurance claim that reimburses you for the loss. It’s not always an easy situation to be in, so we wanted to offer some tips for when the insurance adjuster visits and while the claim is in processing.

Communicate Fully

The insurance adjuster from your insurance company needs to be aware of any damage to your home or property. Don’t forget to include any structural damage. Even if you aren’t sure something should be mentioned, do so anyway. It’s far better to provide extra information than to provide too little. Missing something important could make your estimate well below what it should be.

Be Thorough

It’s important to let the adjuster know about the quality of items that are damaged. Things like upgraded finishes and appliances can add up quickly. You should also provide a full home inventory with receipts and photos of any items that are damaged or ruined. If your policy covers food, make sure to add that too. The contents of your deep freeze come at a cost to you.

Hire an Attorney

Consider hiring an insurance claim attorney in Miami to watch out for you. This person will help you out if anything goes wrong. They can fight back against rejected or low claims by representing you in a lawsuit. Also, they have lots of professional experience that can be used to strengthen your case. If you plan to fight a claim, you need this person on your side.

Compile Information

Make sure that you keep a log of all communication about your claim. This includes written messages, emails, phone calls, and voice mails. You never know when this type of information will come in handy and it’s better to be overly prepared than underprepared.


While the insurance adjuster will be getting estimates for your claims, it can be a good idea to get some of your own. This will ensure that you are not getting an offer that doesn’t stand up to what you lost.

Michael A. Puchades, ESQ - Property Damage Attorney in Miami