Independent Insurance Adjusters in Miami for Your Insurance Claims

separate insurance adjuster are those adjuster not directly in employment with the insurance companies. They may be on a contract basis only with the insurance companies because their regular adjuster are already overloaded with so many insurance claims filed. When the claims are also on far or remote places, the insurance companies may get separate insurance adjuster, to do the related works on the claims filed. They can also be the claims specialists, when claims with special expertise in the adjuster’s tasks are needed, and these people can be the Independent Insurance Adjusters in Miami helping you in claims filed when you are in this situation.

The over-all tasks and role of the insurance adjuster meanwhile can be the same, whether they are the separate adjuster or the regular adjuster connected with the insurance companies, and these are resolving or negotiating the insurance claims filed with the company. The usual case is that these are resolved and handled by the regular and directly connected insurance adjuster, but in special cases, these are turned over to the separate adjuster, which can be on a contract basis. The main difference in their tasks is in the authority or decision limit with regards to the settlement of a case, and in this situation, referrals to the insurance company may be needed.

When claims are filed, the initial steps done may be first to have the claims adjuster help resolve and negotiate for the claims, after thorough investigations are done. If there is no resolution and agreement, like if the claimant is not agreeable to the final claims settlement, he or she may file a lawsuit for this. This is situation where the claimant will look for a claims attorney, to face the insurance companies’ team of attorneys also. Usually, the insurance companies have their legal team of attorneys with them, and it is the prerogative of the claimant to have his own claims attorney also and not just rely on the findings of the insurance adjuster, for final settlement of the claims filed.

Insurance adjuster, especially those in-house adjuster or those directly connected with the company, will find resolutions and settlements of claims filed, to the advantage of the insurance companies, and this can be understandable. Their bias can be because of their direct employment. With the independent insurance adjuster, this may not be always the case, and the settlement can be to your advantage.

If you are having an insurance claim filed and you are having the independent insurance adjuster handling your case, you may be in an advantage because there may be no bias in the settlement of this case, like if you are having the Independent Insurance Adjusters in Miami. Have them when you are having insurance claims filed and it may be to your benefit.

Michael A. Puchades, ESQ - Property Damage Attorney in Miami