Public Adjuster in Miami – Negotiating Settlements on Claims Filed

Public adjusters are also insurance claims adjusters, but they are the licensed adjusters, also can be claims attorneys, who can legally represent the insured claimants when claims are filed. Negotiating on settlements on the claims filed can be done well and the rights of claimants well protected with the help of public adjusters, who can also be the claims attorneys. This can be the Public Adjuster Miami protecting well the rights of the insured claimant. They are also the licensed public adjusters, thus the very qualified adjusters doing their jobs. They are more beneficial on the part of the claimant when disputes are happening regarding the claims filed, and their legal presence is needed badly for the settlement to be made.

The regular staff adjusters or in-house adjusters and also the independent adjusters are all hired by the insurance companies, thus their biases are towards the company and protecting their interests. The independent adjusters may not be directly connected with the company, but they are also company contracted, thus they are on the side of the insurance companies and protecting their business interests. The public adjusters meanwhile are contracted by the insured policy holders, thus they are also on the side of the claimants and also protecting their interests. Thus, in times of settlement litigations or negotiations happening, it is best that the claimants have the public adjusters on their side because they can protect their legal rights, with respect to the claims filed.

Public adjusters are licensed, thus they are the qualified persons, aside form being attorneys and can give legal protection t claimants. They usually work on claims related to property damages or business loses, since these are claims that are probably with higher amounts claimed. Health insurance claims or auto insurance claims are normally handled by the regular or independent adjusters, because claims can be lesser with respect to amounts as claimed, and settlements can be negotiated faster. With regards to property losses, coming from fires or other natural calamities, property damages can be high, thus there is the need for the adjusters with legal capabilities, to protect well the rights to claims of the insured.

The public adjusters will closely study the policies of claimants, to properly determine \if the filed claims are within policy. Usually, the insurance policies of insurance providers are complicated and hard to understand because of too many legal terms, and can be hard for the insured to fully understand this. The public adjusters will interpret fully these policies and see that the claims as filed are also within legal bounds. If these claims as filed are not within the boundaries of the policies, the claimants will be on the losing end, and claims have to be changed or re-filed.

Thus the adjusters with legal background have to be the public adjusters acquired and can be Public Adjuster Miami, to help claimants on their claims.

Michael A. Puchades, ESQ - Property Damage Attorney in Miami